How long have you been photographing / how many weddings have you done?

Sheila has been photographing since 1996, and started doing it professionally in 2006. Amaranth began in 2009, and since then we have photographed several weddings per month. (Though we still believe it’s all about quality, not quantity!)

Do your packages include high res files or do we have to buy those separately?

We give you all the edited files with every package. You don’t have to worry about purchasing them separately or stressing over which ones you want. Also we have no cap on the number of images we give you - you get all the good ones!. Generally speaking that means about 100 deliverable photos per hour of shooting. Images are high-res and ready to print as large as 11x14. (Larger sized files available upon request usually at no extra charge.) 

Do we get a web gallery of our photos to share with friends?

Yep! Accessible for 9 months. 

Whats the difference between film and digital / Why do you shoot film / How & when do you use film?

Digital offers the speed, precision, and so much flexibility necessary for capturing the fleeting moments of a wedding. Film compliments that by being slower, and more thoughtful and a little nostalgic. We like to compare it to the feeling you get when listening to a good, old record. Film has that depth and warmth and somewhat ethereal quality that we love. Depending on your preferences and the lighting conditions of your wedding we can shoot film at all points during the day. While one photographer is shooting film the other will usually shoot digital to cover all our bases.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Only the best professional quality equipment -along with a toy camera or 2. Sheila shoots with a Nikon D800, Mamiya c330, and a Holga. Our associates usually shoot with Canon Mark III’s, along with a variety of film cameras like a Roliflex, Brownie, and 35mm SLRs.

What are RAW files and can we have them?

RAW is the format most professional photographers shoot in these days. They are very large files with lots of information, which can be manipulated in post production. We think of raw files the same way a writer may think of their notebooks or journals. They are not a finished product, so no we don’t give them out. But don’t worry, you can still make a billboard sized print from our high-res jpgs.

What is your turnaround time for the photos?

We send you a preview of 100-200 images within the first 2 weeks. The final deliverables are finished within 6-8 weeks of your wedding date. We painstakingly do all of our post processing and retouching  in house, and thank you for your patience.

Do you do albums?

Yes!  We think photos should live off your computer in the real world where you can touch them and pass them around. We have lots of beautiful, modern and vintage style album options in all price ranges  just ask for details.

Why do I need 2 photographers?

For weddings more than 70 people Sheila shoots alongside a talented and hand-picked associate photographer. Having 2 photographers is highly recommended because it allows us to be in two places at once! While one person is getting a sweeping shot of the bride walking down the aisle with her dress trailing behind her and all the guests turned toward her, the other photographer is up at the front getting a close up of the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. While one photographer is getting shots of the bride and her girlfriends laughing and putting on make-up the other is photographing the place-cards at the reception that she spent many a late night hand lettering. You get the picture right? It also allows different angles, perspectives, and more photos for you to choose from in the end.

We are eloping / having a tiny wedding, do you have a simple package fit for us?

Yes! We love these intimate affairs - shoot an email to Sheila and check out some photos here.

Whats the deal with your photobooth?

Think classic yet dramatic and fun - dignified family photos or a mini fashionista shoot. We set up the backdrop and studio lighting and 1 photographer shoots your guests for about 2hrs during the reception.  Photos are full-length (space allowing) and usually in black and white. High-res files will be sent to you via digital download within 2 weeks of your wedding. You may print or distribute to guests for printing at no additional charge. The photobooth usually produces 100-300 photos depending on how many guests hop in. Check out some images here.

What does "Amaranth" mean anyway?

Amaranth (noun  am·a·ranth  \ˈa-mə-ˌran(t)th\) is the name of a flower, the color of that flower, and a grain that comes from that flower. We chose it because we like that it’s both a nourishing food and also a strangely beautiful plant, which, in Greek mythology, has healing and immortal properties. In poetry it is often used as a symbol of strength and undying love… ahhh, how romantic, no?

We bring these amaranths, these white lilies,

A sign, and sacrifice; may Love, we pray,

Like amaranthine flowers, feel no decay;

from  "A Vow To Heavenly Venus," ca. 1500 by Joachim du Bellay